What is BOMpiler?

Tired of sourcing / BOM aggregating / messing with Excel lists, spending ridiculous amounts of time before placing a Mouser order? BOMpiler is a tool to help you create and aggregate BOM (=Bill of Material) lists for DIY electronics projects.

Here's the idea: How about an online compiler for BOM lists that could:

  • eat one or more raw text BOM lists,
  • parse their content (i.e. analyze what the hell it is),
  • look those (virtual) parts up in a database to find (real) parts and their Mouser# (or Reichelt# ...) and
  • (optionally) aggregate and sort this list.

ALPHA-WARNING & Disclaimer

Let's get something straight: BOMpiler is a (free) alpha-version. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. DO NOT RELY UPON ITS RESULTS. We give no guarantee and assume no liability for the functionality, availability, stability and reliability of tool or the outcome produced.

(A) Text-Mode - Copy and Paste

You can simply paste your existing BOM text file and hit "analyze". BOMpiler currently supports 2 formats:

Format 1: part <TAB> quantity

1uF BP 25V3
10uF 25V2
47uF 25V1
Resistors (1% metal film)

Format 2: quantity <TAB> part-references <TAB> part/value

2    C3,C5               33pF                                              
2    C7,C12              10nF                                              
1    C8                  .22uF                                             
4    C9-C11,C105         100pF                                             

Integrated Circuits
1    U1                  4053                                              
2    U2,U3               TL074
1    U4                  TL071                                             
1    U5                  TLC339  
Don't worry about headers (like "Resistors"), seperating lines ("--------") etc. - simply copy and paste the whole list and let BOMpiler figure it out.

Multiple PCBs in one project?

By default, BOMpiler aggregates all the identical parts in your list, irrespective of where they show up. So for a project requiring 3 pcbs you can simply copy and paste the 3 individual BOMs (in any order) to get a combined list. Pro Tip: If you add a (single line) header for each pcb/section like this ('*** NAME ***'):

*** MCVCO *** 
Bill Of Materials 
Created: 08/09/12 
Modified: 04/30/13 

--- --------- ----- ---- 
1 R1 250R 
1 R2 3.3M 
*** DualEDiv *** 
Bill Of Materials 
Created: 09/27/12 

... then each section name is added to the part references, so you can still see where this part is supposed to go:

330Ω	MCVCO: R6,R11,R21,R31,R43R127, DualEDiv: R7

(B) Type your own BOM - Looking up single parts

You can use BOMpiler to quickly look up a few parts. Just type the desired part into the textarea ("10k trimmer") followed by 2 spaces (= easiest way to enter a TAB) and the quantity ("1"). Push Analyze to see what BOMpiler comes up with. Of course you can enter more than one line.

10k trimmer      1
2n2              1
79L05            1

(C) Readymade BOMs

For most of Ken Stone's CGS boards BOM lists are already available. These have been generated directly from the PCBs. This means 2 things: (1) they are very accurate in respect of the (specific revision of!) such pcb, i.e. they should contain every component there is, and (2) it might contain parts that should be omitted or changed. In particular for boards that allow for different builds or configurations ALL parts you could stuff somewhere will be in that list. SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ KEN'S DESCRIPTIONS AND BUILD INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU START ORDERING OR BUILDING. DON'T SIMPLY RELY ON BOMPILER'S OUTPUT.

BOMpiler also already knows a few projects/panels (= projects that contain more than one pcb), like Dmitri's 70s Serge (Vintage Voltron) panels #1, #2 and #3:

Dmitri's CGS/Serge 70s panel #1
Dmitri's CGS/Serge 70s panel #2
Dmitri's CGS/Serge 70s panel #3

(D) Wanna use BOMpiler for your own PCBs or projects?

If you are one of the guys creating your own pcbs or doing pcb runs, maybe I can provide a frontend parser to (auto-)generate BOMs from your pcb files. If you are doing projects involving more than one pcb, I might be able to include the full project/panel. You can contact me on Muffwiggler (pm to nordlead).

(E) Imprint / Impressum

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